Friday, September 28, 2007

um sissi

Hi, metta hallem/t,
In one of his hanfust radio programs, Mohamed Salah Ounissi talked about a bird named um sissi. What type of bird is um sissi?

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Anonymous said...

Um sissi, is a kind of woodpecker with a sharp beak. That bird wasn't seen in our region for years.

Nowadays, the word means a person that's a snitch.

shawi yegguma said...


>Nowadays, the word means a person that's a snitch.

Interesting! Why a snitch? Any ideas?

Take care.

Afifay said...


In Tumz'abt, according to J Delheure (1), UMSISI is a wagtail (bergeronnette in french, Motacilla in latin). M S Ounissi (2) gives simply bird for the meaning.


(1) DELHEURE Jean - Agraw n Yiwalen Tumzabt d-Tefransist/Dictionnaire Mozabite-Français - SELAF Paris - 1984

(2) OUNISSI Mohamed Salah - Amawal s Tcawit, Tafransist d-Teârabt/Dictionnaire Chaoui, français et Arabe - ENAG Editions Alger - 2003

shawi yegguma said...

Hi Afifay,
I appreciate your contribution!
Tanemmirt seg ul!

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