Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tachouraft, anyone?

Hi, metta hallem/t,
A reader from Bedjaia asked the following question:

... je voulais te poser une question: chaoui et kabyle c la meme chose, on n arretera jamais de le dire, mais chez vous, le mot tachouraft, ca veut dire quoi ...

Any ideas? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shawi,

I think the word tachuraft means a state of something old and/or worn off in tachawit.Ex: Tafunast aya tachuraft.

shawi yegguma said...


I was thinking along the same line. I believe the word is used in Derja too. The reader didn't give the meaning of the word s taqbaylit.

Thanks, I appreciate your input!

Anonymous said...

tachouraft c quelque chose d ancien, et l exemple s tachawith, c tres bien:

je crois que pour les kabyles c est pareil.

Tanemirt aythma

Anonymous said...

In Tumz'abt (Tamazight spoken in the Mzab valley), UCRIF (m.),UCRIFEN (,TUCRIFT (f.),TUCRIFIN ( is the equivalent with the same meaning : weak and diminished because of old age. It is used with animate beings.
Tawessart-u d tucrift : This old woman is infirm (because of old age).

The verb CREF (verbal noun ACRAF) exists too :
Tawessart-u tecref : This old woman has become rickety.

Note : the letter 'c' designates the sound 'ch'

shawi yegguma said...

Thank you guys! I appreciate your contribution! Seg ul!

Anonymous said...


je ne suis pas d 'accords pour l ensemble des commentaires, je rappelle qu en chaoui, achuraq, ca ne veux pas dire ancien,

ex; i zaw inou d achuraq

tanemmirth a ichawiyen n tmurth inou

Louisa de Timgad

shawi yegguma said...

Metta hallid' a Lwiza,

>achuraq, ca ne veux pas dire ancien,

Tachouraft NOT achuraq.

Achuraq is a color, amk yenna Jermouni :... sself d'achuraq

Qim d'i lehna.

Anonymous said...

ok, je m escuse alors, car dans ma region nous n utilisons pas le terme tachouraft

bonne continuation mes freres

louisa de timgad

Anonymous said...

hi everybody

i m a marocan from paris, and i m berber by my father
what's kind of color is achuraq?

salam felawn

shawi yegguma said...

>i m a marocan from paris, and i m berber by my father

Welcome aboard!

>what's kind of color is achuraq?


Take care.

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