Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tamazight (Berber) proverbs of Tipasa

By Lamenn Souag

Source : Jabal al-Lughat
The second part of the book I discussed in my previous post is more immediately relevant to linguists: it is a collection of more than 150 Tamazight proverbs from the Tipasa area (specifically the village of Bou-Smail). These are transcribed in Arabic characters and provided with an Arabic translation, along with an interpretation of the proverb's meaning and usage and translations of the meanings of (some) individual words.
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It is like reading Tashawit, almost word for word. Amazing!
Some examples:
Tipasa : wani a-t yeqqnen s ifassn-is, a-t yerzem s iγmasn-is
Tashawit : wi -t- ikersen s ufus , at yefdek s teψmas

Tipasa : yusa-d jer weksum ḏ yicer
Tashawit : ittedef jer n yicher d w-aksum


  • yazit : chiken. Tshawit : yazit or gazit/hgazit
  • asekkurt : partridge. Same s Tshawit
  • Axxam : house. Same
  • Aγyul : donkey. Same
  • Aɛdis : stomach. Same
  • ixef : head. Same
  • icer : fingernail. Same
  • aksum : flesh. Same
  • jer : between. Same

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