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Djamel Sabri aka Djo is the leader of the famous shawi band Les Berberes. He is considered one of the giants of modern shawi music. Djo & Les Berberes played a major role in bringing the modern shawi music to the national and international scenes. Their music is a mixture of rock, traditional and blues. Djo and Les Berberes are known for their powerful lyrics and their ability to to bring shawi traditions to life. Their lyrics deal with themes such as history, identity and shawi traditions.

Les Berberes enjoyed success with such hits as bachtola, shawi yegguma and yemma lkahina, just to name a few.

A teacher by profession, djo was born in 1958 in Oum el Bouaghi, where he still lives and works.


a3law yekhfif, afer nnes akhlal
asfifeT nnes TaZda su fus n lkahina
yemma yemma, yemma lkahina

Aqerbus n wuregh d' l3ud'a n trikTa
menhu ad' irekben? memmiss n lkahina
yemma yemma , yemma lkahina

machi d' igujilen, yemma d' lkahina
ahbab nu khanfuf Tarwa n tchawiya
yemma yemma, yemma lkahina

awessu yeHman, lmechta aSemmat
ird'en t timzin TamureT n lkahina
yemma yemma, yemma lkahina

........, lucham wag yebha
ittawin n tmureT yelliss n lkahina
yemma yemma, yemma lkahina

afuk yeggaren fellas ad' yemsa
izayeq wass, zrigh lkahina
yemma yemma, yemma lkahina

a ziri yeDwan, a yiTri i3alan
izoren n lbarbar tghannen lkahina
yemma yemma, yemma lkahina.

  • izoren : roots
  • iTri : star
  • afuk : sun
  • ird'en : wheat
  • Timzin/himzin : barley
  • a3law : burnous


shawi said...

Hi, metta hallem/t,

Please not that there are different editions of the song YEMMA LKAHINA. Except for some words, the lyrics are very much the same.

Qimet d'i lehna.

gunugu said...

Je comprends très bien votre berbère que je trouve extrêmement proche du notre... en tout cas bien plus que le Kabyle.
Avez-vous des explications !!!

shawi said...

Hi gunugu,

>Avez-vous des explications !!!
Maniss cek? Hattutlayed' Tachanwit?
If so, Tashawit and Chenoua belong to the Zenati Berber language. They are very related.

Qim d'i lehna.

Anonymous said...

El kahina was written by abdelkader sabri.What do you think?

shawi yegguma said...

>El kahina was written by abdelkader sabri.What do you think?

I'm not sure.

Qim d'i lehna.

auresstella said...

azul amokran for all imazighen wherever they exist!
the song is as usual original as the singer is!i don t doubt that he has some non original songs, did he ever sing in arabic?
i don t think that arabic will suit him!

rabbi agh nihenna!

shawi yegguma said...

>did he ever sing in arabic?

Not to my knowledge.

Qim d'i lehna.

auresstella said...

good! that s what i thought, he is strong and self confident enough not to betray his language!
love him much more now!LOL

God bless imazighen!

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