Monday, January 29, 2007

Chaoui Yeggouma

I invite you to rock n roll with rebel djo and Les Berberes.
Chaoui Yeggouma is a song from the album SILINEYA*.
Lyrics/awalen by 3ammi Tayyeb
Enjoy s lehna!

1- chaoui Yeggouma
2- silineya
3- segmense iga ergaz
4- ahzallite mani
5- chek da hou
6- 1er Novembre 54 (er iseknen dougahreb)
7- oussen eg irouhen fellenegh
8- aqlat ayethma


1 comment:

shawi said...


Djo & Les Berberes are known for their profound lyrics. What do you understand from the song?

Please get involved! Do your twiza. You can help in transcripting the lyrics, translation...etc. Use the comments section or contact me.

Fus d'g fus, we will get there!

Qimet d'i lehna.

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