Sunday, December 10, 2006

« Une variété du berbère en voie de disparition : le chaoui de l'Aurès »

Projet de recherche universitaire
Institution : U BATNA

Read : Code Projet : U01320060050

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hi Shawi,
Don't believe what the untolerant university of Batna try to tell you.
That biased project never took off the ground. It's dead and done with it.
We will appreciate that you delete this unrealistic and pessimistic post. I really does'nt reflect the reality of tachawit and its statistics.

Thanks again

shawi said...


First, let me start by saying that if Tashawit didn't die by now, it will never disappear. Tashawit is here to stay!

Having said that, Tashawit is facing many challenges. We are mature enough to engage Manaa Gaouaou and his group.

I will see if I can find where can they be contacted and see if we can debate them.

Meanwhile I urge everyone to discuss the subject. Let us talk about the future of Tashawit.

Thanks for your input!

shawi said...

Here is the group's contact email:

-Manaa Gaouaou
-Abdelhamid Samir
-Aissi Radhia
-Chebli Soumia

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