Saturday, December 30, 2006


Metta hallem/t,

Happy L3id' Amoqran and all the best for the new year!

Here is another song of Alilou, enjoy!

Aritst : Massinissa
Song10 : uchinichem

uchinichem i lal u 3ammim
nech azrinaya d'abarrani
a nech dima d'im trajigh

ass ad yusin a lalla wachmawin
yehwad u metta fu meg
netch tra3igh d'im

mani mani wachmawin
walled walled mani Tilid'

ay i3assessen 3usset fellass
magher TatSam
akd kannun hemma Takhsem

They married you to one of your own
They took me for an outsider
But I will always be waiting for you

The day they came for you
I shed tears
While watching you

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