Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Spotlight On Mourad Sid : Keeping the Jermouni beat alive

A new rising star in the shawi musical scene. His name is Mourad Sid from the region of Oum el Bouaghi. His trademark is his amazing voice. His voice is unmistakably jermouni. Many singers tried to imitated Jermouni, but NO ONE does Jermouni like Mourad!
His new album is in the process of being produced. It will hit the market soon. Mourad lives in Oum el Bouaghi.

Here is Mourad doing ekkered en nuguir, a timeless jermounite, in which Aissa imortalized lmass3ud u Zalmad. Mourad does the song the jermouni way, then he picks up the tempo and does it his way.
Enjoy, ekkered en nuguir song1

ekkered en nuguir
ekkered en nuguir
wa egb3ad' wabrid'
jar n
Men3a d' Chir
lfuchi nu messmar
wa lbalghaT d'ug Dar
winin d'almass3ud' u zalmad'
Sabbar ha Juja metta ay ablan
Rabbi d'aHalleq
ikhalleq yetfarraq
d'i degla dug sendaq
Sabbar ha Juja metta ay ablan
salef d'achuraq
wa eg S3ab lafraq
ekkered en nehmal
umam yahbal
jar n Sahra d' tell
Sabbar ha Juja metta ay ablan.

Taslit is another gorgeous song. A slice of shawiana.
Listen, esghed song7

Taslit : The bride
hazrim Tazrim
lusham dug fuss inin
manhu eT yiguin
Tamghart nu suggass inin.

Agujil is a beautiful sad song. It will bring tears to your eyes.
Listen, esghed song5

: The orphan
nech d'agujil elligh
ud'ufigh mani ad' u3igh
wa d'amatta iligh

I am an orphan
Don't know where to go
All I have is my tears

qqimegh gher yiTran nu jenna
mmekTigh slalet n yemma
maghe hamma yella
TamaddureT hattuqa
eggit w eg aHlan yaHla
ma yella attefed' i wad'echa


  • aHalleq : big, great
  • agujil : orphan
  • amatta : tear
  • mani : where
  • hazrim : have you seen
  • Tamaghart : old lady
  • ud'ufigh : didn't find(I)
  • Taslit : bride
  • TamaddureT : life
  • mmekTigh : remembered(I)

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