Wednesday, November 15, 2006

lal u khalkhal

Artist : Massilia
Song : lal u khalkhal

lal u khalkhal
metta am yennen iDalli
yab3ad' yumam
egred lujab a walma

yuzzel umnay
itla3 ad'rar
yekker ughabbar
egred lujab a walma

bab u jador
mani wallen ayaTma
yu3ray lHal
egred lujab a walma


Anonymous said...

Hi Shawi,
Lalla Massylia is really a wonderful rising star on the artistic Auresian stage.
Best of luck to her. And thank you Shawi, for sharing her lyrics and songs with us. Wish she'll be discovered by a good manager that will make her known internationally.

We love you Massylia. Your name is synonym of Awres.


shawi said...

Hi, amk hallid a chek?

Yeah, lallanegh Massilia is a wonderful singer. She made a splash with her Hmama, then she disappeared from the musical scene. I hope she didn't quit. The same thing happened with Ranida. Perhaps lwashoon n tmureT know about Massilia and Ranida. Whatever happened to them?

qim di lehna.

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