Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tighawsiwin n lellu...Things of beauty

Boubaker Laghrour

Boubaker Laghrour is a sculptor who works primarily in clay. He apprenticed under Paul Lucchesi at the Educational Alliance in New York City and has taught sculpture to adults and children. Mr. Laghrour comes to sculpture from his childhood in the Aures Mountains of Algeria where his mother made clay pots and utensils for her use in the home. In Algeria and later in the United States he studied chemistry, attaining a Masters in Chemical Engineering and working in the field. But then he discovered his passion for sculpture and his career took off in new directions. In his classes individual interpretation of the figure and study of human expression are emphasized. Mr. Laghrour's work has been exhibited at several galleries in Manhattan, including the Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center and the Tassili Gallery.

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salah said...

Bravo Boubeker , grand artiste , ce pur chaoui , viens d'une région d'Algerie qui donnée beaucoup d'artistes dans tous les domaines : peinture , sculpture , musique et écriture ( Keteb yacine entre autre )... bravo au site chauoi qui diffuse cette belle séquence de musique et sculpture

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