Friday, May 12, 2006

ekker ay amghid : Workers Of The World Unite

The song amghid - song5- is about imghiden, the workers and their struggle. A song of univesal appeal. Salim at his best!


ekker ay amghid!

yetchenegh usallas

Tirzag TmedurT, aghrum damessas

netazzel nkhadem , yuwanegh u nezgum

win yessussmem, u3aniT d-aserdun

netchnin nemmuT, g wammas n luzinet

f ighallen nnegh, s3alan lvilaT

amk nettazzel f ughrum amessas

ikhf u yur a nef amarwas

yenghanegh lham, laz nhennaT

unezri metta yellan gher zdaT

ekker ay aguellil!

yetchanegh usalless

Tamza Tussid, Tessen3aT Tighmass

nehnin am tamza, gguren deg usallass

wa yuDin zinnegh, ad 3afsen fellas

ay ghaDan d-irgazen yenzin su sordi n Hass

ay ghaDan d-igallilen ittarjin s fawet n wass.


Wake up, worker!

we are overwhelmed by darkness

Life became a living hell

we keep working for a lousy living

If you don't resist you will be stepped on

While we are sweating it up in factories

They built castles on our suffering

We struggle for a meagre living

By the end of the month we are in debt


We don't know what lies ahead

Wake up, struggler!

we are overwhelmed by darkness

Tamza* has arrived, showing its teeth

Like Tamza, they are plotting in darkness

They crash the most venerable of us

I feel sorry for the men, sold for a penny

I feel sorry for the poor, dreaming of dawn

* Ogress. In other words, bosses, corporations, govt....

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